Tuesday, July 26, 2011


when i saw it ... at first i dont believe it but at the same time i feel like im the stupid guys in the world . haha . well im in sad now but what can i do ? just like malaysian people said that "BUNGA BUKAN SEKUNTUM" yeah . what ? im just like people that are like to give up without try any shot to get she ? like that ar ? huh . im not that kind lah . i will seek my love see first at JAWI , PULAU PINANG . i will forget all my memory at BANGI . hmm . it its hard but i will try it and and for you that i mention here , i just want to say that .. i hope you will happy everly after with he . yahhh . i know who am I . im fat right ? not handsome ? right ? yeh . anyway hope you happy . KBYE

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